Essay Writing Tips for IELTS, PTE, GRE and GMAT.

Here are a few precious words of advice for IELTS/ PTE/ GRE/ GMAT or any other professional essay writing task. These are the “DOs“. Anything that counters these DOs are automatically DON’Ts. DOs are the things you should do in a writing task.

  1. Follow the rule of 10: Write sentences with about 10 words. Words can range from 7 to 14. This is the ideal sentence size you can construct accurately and an examiner can understand easily.
  2. Create Flow: Others call it coherence. I call it flow. There must be LINKS between different parts of a passage. This works on two levels – Essay and sentence. All paragraphs from an essay should be linked to each other. Paragraph 2, for instance, should be seen as a continuation of paragraph 1. None of the paragraphs should exist in isolation. Similarly, next sentence must be seen as a continuation of previous sentence. Like a story.
  3. Clarity: Others call it cohesion, I call it clarity. Ideas must be very clear when expressed in a written form. The reader must understand them fairly easily. Clarity requires correct grammar usage and strictly adhering to Rule of 10.
  4. Express your opinion clearly by understanding and responding to all points in an essay. I’ve seen students failing to respond to all parts of a question. You’ll in all my blog post questions that I raise this issue several times.
  5. One paragraph, One idea, One example: I call it the rule of 1+1+1. Each paragraph must contain one idea that is clear from the paragraph’s first sentence. Explain that idea in about 2 to 3 sentences and give a suitable example. The example should not be long, but it must have data – dates, names, organisations, results supporting your opinion.
  6. Use a few constructions such as “While X, Y”, “Since X, Y”, “Although X, Y”, “If X, then Y”, etcetera.

That’s it. A few simple points implemented well will make wonders for your essay. However, all this requires proper planning. So, here’s the final suggestion. Plan before you leap. Spend about 5 minutes planning what you’ll write. Once your opinion is clear, reasons supporting the opinion are on paper, example with facts is available – LEAP!

Here is a link to all essays from this website to help you practice these tips. Do not forget to share your essays.

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