PTE Essay (IELTS Task 2): Medical Care and Life Expectancy.

This is a PTE essay. However, it is useful for IELTS candidates as well.

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As a result of advances in medical care, the average life expectancy for both men and women is increasing. Do you think most people see this as a positive development? What are the disadvantages of an aging population for individuals and society? Support your opinion with reasons and examples.

PTE: 20 minutes; 200 to 300 words.

IELTS: 40 minutes; 250 words at least.

Let me present an answer along with structure and suitable explanation. Feel free to write your answer in the comments section.


The average life expectancy for both genders has increased tremendously during the past five decades in almost all countries. Such advance in the number of years a human is expected to live has been attributed to advancements in medical science along with affordability of health care. I believe this has both positive and negative impacts on individuals as well as the society.

Body Paragraph 1: (Positive Impacts)

With an increase in life expectancy, more and more people are available to make economic contributions even at an advanced age of 65. Consequently, a wealth of years of experience is better utilized in the development of an organization, a society, and a country. Moreover, greater life expectancy is beneficial for a family as well as the society. Not only do children benefit immensely from love and care of grandparents but also entire family and society benefit from their advice

Body Paragraph 2: (Negative Impacts)

Despite numerous benefits, increased age brings several disadvantages. Since aged people are more likely to suffer from diseases, the medical bills of a country are much higher for these people. With elderly constituting more than 15 percent of the population in most developed countries and falling ill more frequently than other members of society, the monetary burden of their medical care is enormously taxing. Consequently, the fiscal resources that could have been better utilized for building schools, colleges, airports, roads, etc. for next generation are spent in taking care of the aged.

Moreover, higher longevity translates to a lesser number of young people entering the workforce. Thus, while people above 60 years of age keep working with old technology, youngsters who are adept with the latest technology do not get the opportunity to work. This severely hampers the productivity and total output measured as Gross Domestic Product, of an economy. In addition, the youngsters, who face high unemployment and little possibility of a well-paid job, are expected to bear the heavy burden of the pensioners. With average life expectancy exceeding more than 85 years is some developed countries, many people spend as many years in retirement as they invested in their jobs. I strongly believe that even the richest of societies are not ready to bear this economic burden.

Conclusion: (Solution/ Advice)

In conclusion, though increased life expectancy has immensely benefited us both economically and socially, it has several disadvantages. However, a balance can be established by lowering the retirement age while offering older generation honorary jobs that aim at guiding the youth to understand business and government systems. 

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