MBA Admission

Winter Session 2018: University of Athabasca

Admissions for Canadian MBA Fall session are done. The classes are about to start in a month or so. However, the opportunity is not missed. Those who wish to apply now have the option of University of Athabasca’s winter admission. The deadline for this session is October 15th. The good news is that the University doesn’t demand GMAT score for considering students. If you have sufficient experience, you won’t need the management aptitude test score.

Here’s how ELTEC comes in picture. We help you prepare for admission by preparing the following documents.

  1. Curriculum Vitae: Writing a powerful C.V is an art. Despite numerous templates available online, prospective students fail to highlight their strengths and relevant management experience. ELTEC’s team helps you draft a well-designed, customized C.V that helps you stand out of the crowd.
  2. Letters of Reference: A professional or academic recommendation plays a vital role in your selection. Period. Make sure it’s written professionally. Many employers and bosses outside North America can’t write as lucidly as Universities demand. Consequently, your chances of admission are diminished. Athabasca University demands THREE LoRs.
  3. Personal Essay: Now, that’s the most important document. Athabasca University wants you to convey your ideas coherently and comprehensively in 1000 words as to why you want to join its prestigious program. Grammar and correct English is important, however equally important are STYLE and clear expression. ELTEC’s team is well trained to do that exactly.

Contact us today to create a powerful impression at an extremely reasonable cost.

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