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IELTS Academic Task 1: Consumer Spending in Five Countries – Checking a Student’s Answer.

The table below gives information on consumer spending on different items in five different countries in 2002.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting main features and make comparisons where relevant.

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 7.53.19 PM

20 minutes, 150 words at least.

Here’s a Facebook Friend’s answer. My additions are in BLUE and any remarks are in RED. Good Luck learning English!

“The table shows the percentage of expenditure by five countries namely(Ireland, Italy, Spain, Turkey, and Sweden) on a variety of items in the year of 2002. (Do not use Parenthesis in IELTS exam. Prefer a hyphen. “-“)

Overall, It is evident that despite although all countries spent most of their money on food, drinks and tobacco, Turkey and Ireland had allocated (don’t use SPEND again) the highest amount of money spending, whereas all countries had their lowest spending on leisure and education.

1. Despite is a PREPOSITION. Despite + Noun + ing. Despite all countries spending ….. Moreover, with despite, the SUBJECT (all countries) doesn’t change. That is, “Despite all countries X, all countries Y.” You can’t use Turkey and Ireland in second clause. 
With ALTHOUGH you can change subject.
2. Past perfect tense: Don’t use it in IELTS because most students do not understand its usage.
3. Discuss only one issue in one sentence (Food, drinks and tobacco). Don’t bring “Leisure and education” into the same sentence.
All countries spent the least amount of funds on leisure and education.

Turning to Turkey and Ireland, Turkey had (Avoid Past Perfect Tense) the highest spending expending (don’t overuse a word) on food, refreshments and cigarette, at 32.14%, which was nearly twice as much as Italy and Sweden. Ireland was the second highest money spender at 28.9%.

In regards to clothing and footwear market, Ireland, Spain and Turkey spent almost the same amount of money at an average of around 6.5% while Sweden spent the least at 5.4% and Italy spent the most at 9%.

In terms of leisure and education, Turkey spent twice as much as Ireland. Also, Italy and Sweden spent almost the same percentage of finance. However, Spain was the least money spender. (I guess that’s too much of “SPENDING”. Overuse of this word will cost you bands.)”


Bands = 6.5 (at best).

Keep sharing your answers.

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  1. The table shows data of expenditures of consumers on various items in five countries (Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Turkey) in 2002.

    Overall, food, drinks and tobacco were the most significant source of spending in all countries, whereas, leisure and education were the least. Turkey spent most money among the remaining countries.

    In regards with foods, drinks and cigarettes, Turkey used nearly a third, while Ireland disbursed approximately 30 percent. Italy’s consumption was slightly higher than Sweden’s by an insignificant percentage.

    Italy consumed more money in clothing and footwear than the other countries with exactly 9 percent. Used money was evidently least in leisure and education category with the highest percentage of 4.35 in Turkey and lowest in Spain with roughly 2 percent.

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