IELTS Cue Card July 2017: An Interesting Conversation.

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Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Talk about an interesting conversation you had or a speech you heard. Please say

– Who the speaker was.
– What the speech/conversation was about.
– Why it was interesting to you.


“Last month, I went to my Alma Mater Harvard University’s Alumni Association’s annual function (Introduction). It was meant to be a simple reunion. However, it turned out to be a great networking opportunity when I met Mr. Donald, a real estate mogul (Speaker). Since I’m from the real estate industry, we had a long and healthy conversation on global real estate industry’s trends, expectations, and projections (The Talk). Our discussion ranged from the boom in property prices in London and Vancouver to deflation in the United States and Indian market. (The Talk)

Though we had divergent views on various issues, the discussion was extremely fruitful, and I learned a lot from Mr. Donald (Interesting). To my pleasant surprise, he gave me his personal number and invited me over a cup of coffee to discuss global and North American real estate issues (Conclusion).

Follow-up questions:

  1. What abilities make a person a good public speaker?
  2. Should conversations be used only for networking?
  3. What are the elements of an interesting conversation?
  4. Should video and audio tools be used to deliver effective presentations or speeches?

P.S: This is not the only best way to express a conversation. Be innovative and express your own ideas in correct English. I’ll look forward to your answers, dear reader.

I’ll look forward to dear reader’s response on follow-up questions in the comments section. Let us engage in learning more from each other.

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