IELTS GT Writing Task 1 July 2017: A Couple Visiting Your Town.

You recently met a couple who will be visiting your town. Write a letter to them and say

– Suggest what to bring
– Recommend where they should stay
– What places they should visit


“Dear Ana and Mark,

I enjoyed your company while staying in Ottawa, and it is a pleasure to know that you will be visiting New Delhi next week. I plan to spend some quality time with you. Since you have never been to India, let me give you a few suggestions so that you are better prepared for your trip. (Introduction)

New Delhi is witnessing the hottest summer of the decade. I recommend you to carry cotton and linen clothes only and a few bottles of Gatorade before you reach your hotel. If you lose energy or salt or water from your body due to the extreme heat, you may end up in a hospital. Gatorade will keep you hydrated and energised. (Suggestions what to bring.)

In New Delhi, I will recommend staying at the Maurya Sheraton because it is a perfect mixture of modern amenities with the traditional culture of India. The Sheraton’s food is really exquisite, and its service is rated top among all five-star hotels in India. (Stay recommendation)

Your one-week stay in India is unfortunately too short to explore the capital. New Delhi is a culturally, historically, geographically and aesthetically rich place. You must visit the Qutub Minar, The Aravalli hills, Jama Masjid and the Red Fort to get a taste of this city. I am sure you will return to explore the city again. (Places to visit)

Looking forward to seeing you soon,


213 words.

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