IELTS Speaking Test July 2017: Interview.

Here are a few questions asked in a July 2017 IELTS Interview. I’ve given appropriate answers with comments to guide students.


  1. What is your full name? I’m Sartaj. Pleased to meet you.
  2. Can I see your ID? Sure. Here it is. (don’t just hand over your identity card silently. This is a speaking test. So, speak something appropriate.)
  3. Where are you from? I’m from Chandigarh, the city beautiful.
  4. What are the interesting things about Chandigarh? This city is not only a well planned urban area but also a symbol of a sustainable city to be emulated. Its an optimum mixture of human settlements and nature coexisting in perfect synchrony. (You can mention some of the interesting places of your city – historical sites, parks, lakes, etc.)
  5. Do you work or study? I’m a student of History. (Note: I’ve not repeated the words ‘work’ or ‘study’.)
  6. Do you think your studies are hard? Well, I opted for major in History because I have loved it since the age of five. My dad is a historian and I’ve been reading books and articles on various topics of Indian and global history since childhood. So, it’s not difficult for me. (I’ve used difficult in place of hard.)
  7. Why do you think so? (Already answered above.)
  8. Do you play any musical instruments? (If you want to say no, say it. However in a dignified way that fetches you bands. Here’s oneI’ve always loved books in general and history books in particular so much that I never had time to play music. I love listening to music though. However, that’s a nice suggestion and I’ll definitely try learning an instrument.
  9. Why / Why not? (Answered above.)
  10. Do you have one friend or lots of friends? Well, I prefer a few friends who are close, over many who are just acquaintances.
  11. Why do you think so? As humans, it is not possible for us to make many friends because a friend, by nature, is someone whom we know intimately and are regularly in touch. I don’t think it is possible for us to know a large number of people closely.

Okay! This ends the FIVE to SEVEN minutes IELTS Interview session. I hope you enjoyed it and learned a few things about giving answers that fetch you bands.

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