PTE Speaking Describe Image: Bar Chart

Describe Image: Look at the following image for 25 seconds and give your response in 40 seconds.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 10.29.41 AM


Strategy: Since you have only 40 seconds, you can speak about 4 to 5 sentences. Prepare an answer of about 80 words while focusing on the core areas of the image. Here are the four most important points.

  1. Introduction: “The given bar chart presents information on percentage changes in average house prices of five metropolitan cities from 1990 to 2002 with 1989 as the base year.”
  2. Trend 1: Among all these cities London witnessed widest fluctuations in house prices while Frankfurt was the most stable. It grew by a phenomenal 12 percent in the second period.
  3. Trend 2: Madrid and Frankfurt were the only cities that experienced expansion in prices during both periods.
  4. Trend 4: Tokyo was the only city that experienced contraction during both periods.
  5. Trend 5: Change in prices moved from contraction to expansion in case of New York and London.

An introduction and 4 to 5 trends will do the magic in PTE speaking section. Good Luck.

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