PTE Speaking Describe Image: Process

Describe Image: Look at the following image for 25 seconds and give your response in 40 seconds.



Strategy: Since you have only 40 seconds, you can speak about 4 to 5 sentences. Prepare an answer of about 80 words while focusing on the core areas of the image. Here are the four most important points.

  1. Introduction: The given picture describes the process of manufacturing and delivery of bricks.
  2. Point 1: The first step is digging of clay using an excavator machine followed by its placement on a metal grid and filtering of particles which fall on a roller.
  3. Point 2: The clay is then mixed with sand and water, and given brick shape using a mould or a cutter.
  4. Point 3: Bricks are then dried for up to 48 hours and heated in a kiln at moderate and high temperatures.
  5. Point 4: Once cooled, they’re packaged and delivered to the customer.

An introduction and 4 to 5 points will do the magic in PTE speaking section. Good Luck.

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