PTE Speaking with Audio: Read Aloud – Big Mines, Big Trucks, Big Problems.


Question: Read this text aloud as naturally and as clearly as possible.

Big Mines, Big Trucks, Big Problems

Imagine you’re standing in a sprawling open pit mine. It’s in the middle of nowhere, two miles across, one mile deep, and specked with 45 gigantic autonomous trucks hauling iron ore out of the pit. Each wheel on those trucks towers over a person standing on the ground, and each pair of tires costs $100,000.

These lumbering vehicles operate under extreme loads and in extreme conditions, and it’s critical to keep them operating productively every single day. You need to anticipate problems so you can fix them before they breakdown, but how? You’re miles from anywhere.

Rio Tinto faces this scenario every day. The global mining operation, headquartered in London and with major operations in Australia and elsewhere, has the largest fleet of giant autonomous trucks in the world.

Its vehicles have transported more than 200 million tons of materials across approximately 3.9 million kilometers. That’s the equivalent of hauling approximately 3,500 Sydney Harbor Bridges or 540 Empire State Buildings to the moon and back five times.

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