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Lessons from A Student’s Writing Mistakes.

Some people work for the same organization their entire working life. Others think that it is better to work for different organizations. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The idea here is to explain a Facebook friend’s grammar mistakes in an essay so that everyone can learn from them.

The student committed following category of mistakes:

  1. Subject-verb disagreement.
  2. Wrong sentence construction.
  3. Pronoun usage.
  4. Vague sentences.
  5. Articles and prepositions

First of all, people who works (Subject-verb disagreement – “people who work”) in a company for a long time becomes (Subject-verb disagreement – become) experienced with the duties and also they feels (Subject-verb disagreement – feel) familiar with the nature of same conditions. (What’s “nature of same conditions”? Makes no sense to a reader.)

Secondly, stably in one place posted them as senior workers and there paying scales effectively increased with enlarging the responsibility. (A badly structured sentence. Better write: “Working consistantly in one company not only brings regular promotions but also better pay scales and responsibilities.”)

Thirdly, the employer can essay trust on the employees because he is friendly with the long running staff. (Better say: Working for the same cmpany for years builds trust between the employer and the employees)

For instance, one of my friend is working in an organization from three years (for the last three years). She told me that his (her) boss don’t (subject verb disagreement – does not) believes (Subject-verb disagreement – believe) on (“believe in”, not “on”) her and new members to give a (an) urgent presentation or dealings with the highly reputed companies due to the lack of less knowledge (can’t have lack of less knowledge; it’s “lack of knowledge”) than senior members. She also added that her boss told them (who’s them? Can’t see a plural noun here.) that experience makes a man perfect and whenever we (who’s we? Misplaced pronoun.) will be appropriated with it than he will choose them instead of others. (This is a vague sentence.)

Learn more from other students mistakes from another article published here.

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