PTE Speaking with Audio: Read Aloud – School Education


Question: Read this text aloud as naturally and as clearly as possible.

The foundation of a successful life, both socially and economically, is built during school years. In school children not only learn subjects but also interact with the peer group. This not only builds knowledge base but also the ability and confidence to express themselves. For these reasons, I believe school education should be compulsory for every child.

Educating children on diverse subjects is important to make them informed and better citizens. Learning the history of a country helps them understand the innumerable sacrifices various individuals made to build their country. For instance, learning South African history helps young generation understand and recognize how their country is built upon the foundation of sacrifices that won independence but also ended exploitative apartheid system.

Similarly, a deeper understanding of sciences and mathematics enables them to comprehend the rapidly evolving world of modern technology. This also gives them the power to make calculated decisions in the world of business. Moreover, subjects such as geography increase their understanding of their country’s landscape and its people.

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