IELTS July 2017 Essay: Radio or Television for News?

Radio or Television

Some people believe that radio is the best way to get news while others think that Television is better for this purpose. Discuss both views, give your opinion and relevant examples.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Introduction: (Introduce the topic and MENTION the reasons that you’ll EXPLAIN in the body paragraphs.)

With the advancements in technology, the news media has evolved tremendously during the past one century. Humans used to rely more on the newspaper and radio at the dawn of 20th century and by the end, they relied on television. While radio provides a great overview of the news to the remotest corners without any distraction, the television is a source of comprehensive and engaging news coverage.

Body Paragraph 1: (Advantages of Radio)

Radio has served in the dissemination of news rapidly during the past one century. Even today it serves as a great source of news not only in remote corners of any country but also in cars and other vehicles. In a world populated with more than seven billion people, more than half cannot afford a television. Radio is not only cheap to purchase but also less costly to maintain. Consequently, it serves people with low income with fresh news every day. Moreover, while driving a vehicle, a driver cannot afford the luxury of a television. A radio provides only audio news and suits the needs of a driver without any unnecessary distraction.

Body Paragraph 2: (Advantages of Television)

Unlike a radio, a television is a more engaging medium of news communication. It combines audio with video to stimulate the senses and provide deeper news coverage. Not only does it presents a video of the news but also a lot of data such as charts and tables to help audience become better decision makers. For instance, political campaigns, which form a crucial component of news, from the U.S.A to India are now mostly run on television so that the citizens can make an informed decision regarding prospective governments.

Conclusion: (Your Opinion and Closure)

While both media have their unique advantages and often act complementary to each other, television is indeed a better source of news since its introduction the first half of 20th century. It has changed the world of news tremendously and introduced fierce competition for procuring the news before others do. This has served humans in innumerable ways.

324 words.

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  1. My essay:
    Receiving news from radio is favorable for some people while television is better for others. Preferring radio by some people is due to being more rapid source to the information. While others endorse watching news on television because it gives us more evidences on events. This essay agrees that television provides us with a strong proof for different information happening around the world.

    On one hand, the radio sets is considered as a quite fast way for important information. Because it is suitable to be used everywhere such as: vehicles, small shops and mobile phones this will give it an advantage. Moreover, it is affordable to a large proportion of citizens so this is a convenient supply of vital national and international news. for example, In Egypt in the fifth of February 2011 when the ex-president Hosny Mubarak stepped aside, this event reached everywhere within minutes the the citizens overcrowding the streets by celebrations. This essay disagree with that opinion because there may be some major consequences based on that if not real.

    On the other hand, watching news on television sets is more proof that it is correct. Nowadays, a lot of bias affect the reality of stories and there is a discrepancy in resources of reports which could affect the reliability of information. these factors could be minimized by strong evidences such as images and videos from the heart of event. For example, in the eleventh of September 2011, no one had believed the catastrophe that happened in the international commerce buildings without seeing the live video on television set. this essay endorse this view because the media should have strong evidence based materials before its publication.

    In conclusion, although radio is a speed way to transfer information to people, television is more advantageous as it provide us with strong relevant proofs on the reliability and reality of news.

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  2. My essay::

    Nowadays, news becomes a crucial part of every one’s life to get up-to-date information from all around the world. Many people believe that the best way of receiving news is via radio; however, I agree with those who argue that television is better way to gain current affairs.

    To begin with, those who believe that radio is outstanding way to listening news might argue that it is cost-effective approach. This is because in terms of price of purchasing equipment, radio is far cheaper than Television. In fact, it is ten times inexpensive over smart television. Size of radio, in addition, is another key factor. Due to smaller size, it can be installed anywhere. Car is a prime example of this, it is common to play radio while driving and getting updated one selves by listening news programme.

    However, in my view, benefits of television in terms of news, are quite impressive. One of the key aspects of it is clear understanding. The reason behind this is obvious that this device provides audio-visual effect of news information which enables to proper communication. To illustrate this, if a person watches natural disaster news on television, one will gain true picture of destruction rather listening on radio. Beside this, television can provide live update of any events with help of many journalists. This features helps viewers to get news in no time.

    In conclusion, although listening news through radio is inexpensive to buy device and due to smaller size, it is easy to carry it, I believe that the best way to get news it is using television as it offers not only sound and video effect but also live updates of many events.


  3. Your essay is very much interesting but can you explain me that in last paragraph you can merge both the conclusion and opinion so I can’t understand that what is a conclusion please tell me this


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