Similar yet confusing words in the English​ Language


Many students commit the mistake of using EFFECT in place of AFFECT or replacing ADVISE with ADVICE. These mistakes may seem inconsequential, but they’re considerable and may cost you bands. Here’s a list of such words that, in my experience, students often confuse.

EFFECT vs AFFECT: Effect is a noun and is the “result” of something. Affect, on the other hand, is a verb and it refers to impact.

“His words affected (impacted) my thoughts deeply and the effect (result) was clearly seen in my grades.”

ADVISE vs ADVICE: Advise is a verb and advice is a noun.

“He offered me a good advice (noun) and I acted as he had advised (verb).”

ASSURE vs ENSURE: Assure refers to telling someone that something will happen definitely. Ensure, on the other hand, means guaranteeing something.

“I assured (told you with confidence) you that your son’s admission into Harvard is ensured (guaranteed).”

BREATH vs BREATHE: Breath is a noun and it refers to air going in and out of lungs. Breathe a verb and it is the process of exhaling and inhaling.

“He was trying to breathe heavily but with each breath, toxic gases entered his lungs.”

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