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IELTS Academic Task 1: Beer Manufacturing Process

The diagram below shows various stages involved in the production of beer.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting main features, and make comparisons where relevant. 

Beer Manufacturing IELTS PTE

20 minutes, 150 words at least.

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The provided diagram illustrates how manufacturing of beer with different type of steps.  In eleven stages. (They’re not DIFFERENT TYPES OF STEPS, they’re STAGES.)

It can be seen that, there are eleven stages in the process of producing beer, (IELTS gives you bands for VALUE ADDITION, not repetition. “Different types of steps” = Eleven stages.) beginning with adding basic ingredient of malton malted barley And ending with packing of beer.

Looking at the first steps of the process, malted barley is added to the milling machine then, those are transferred to the some (Name the machine) Mashing machine and, when applied to the water (Malted barley is NOT applied to water. Water is ADDED to malted barley. Wrong construction.) in that machine and mixing well. ( Mashing machine in which water is added to the barley.)

After that, animal feed is gain spent (thats a NOUN, you cant change that) Spent Grain of barley is used as animal feed while, at the same time, laustering, (You could have combined the three processes into one. Look at my answer.)

Next, malted barley mixture is boiled with adding sugar and hopes hops and then, transferred to the whirlpool machine then, boiled barley mixture is cooled.

(Malted barley and then are repeated twice or more. Repetition costs you bands.)

After that, yeast is added to this liquid mixture for fermenting with emmison of Carbon Dioxide and some yeast from this machine. In the penultimate, mixture is matured and finally, beer is packed for three methods like, some bottles for drink, bar and some tanks. for delivery.


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  1. The process illustrates the method of making beer.

    overall, the whole process of making beer involves with series of stages beginning from adding malted barely in milling as well as culminating at delivery.

    In the first stage, malted barley is added in milling then these are transform to the special machine which is called mashing . In the next stage , spent grain of barley is used as animal feed into lautering . In the subsequent stage, this mixture is boiled after added both things such as sugar as well as hops .

    Thereafter, it is sent into whirlpool machine ,following this, it is kept into cooling .Once it has been done, yeast is mixed to this liquid mixture for fermenting and co2 then mixture is matured .in the eventual stage, beer is ready for distribute…….


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