IELTS Speaking Cue Card July 2017: Event You Had A Specific Role In.


Talk about an occasion you have attended an event that you had a specific role in. Please say

– When and where did the event occur?
– What was your role there?
– What was the hard part in it?

IELTS people really love the EVENTS questions. Here are links to all the previous “EVENTS” questions on this blog.

A very good event you attended.

An event you had to wait.

An event you enjoyed recently.


As a professional doctor, I’ve participated in numerous national and international events. (Introductory sentence)

However, last year I attended a seminar at the United Nations headquarters in Washington D.C on a deadly virus recently discovered in India. (When and Where)

I participated in the seminar on behalf of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) since I’ve worked and written scientific papers on the virus in leading journals. I delivered a seminar on the environmental conditions in which the virus proliferates and infects humans. (Role)

Working on the seminar was the most difficult task. Since I’m a working professional with more than 10 hours work schedule every day, preparing for the lecture was a Herculean task. I had to give up all leisures and cut on my sleep to achieve the target. (Hardest Part)

However, the sacrifice was worth taking since the seminar earned me a name in the international community. (Closing)


  1. How frequently do you attend events?
  2. Should people do hard things?
  3. Why don’t most people take risks?
  4. Should governments prohibit people from taking risks? Why is that?

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