IELTS Writing Task 2 July 2017: Children should Study All Subjects or Only a Few?


Some people think that children should be studying all the mandatory subjects until the age of ten, while others believe they should have an option to select favorite subjects to study. What is your opinion? Give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples from your experience.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Education seems to be a favorite topic of IELTS examiners. They’ve asked various questions on the topic. Before you go through this essay, here’s a list.

Should education be made compulsory?

Teaching styles will change by 2050.

Homework for children.

Financial education in schools.

Children today are not as healthy as in the past. (not on education, but on children.)

Introduction: (Introduce the topic, give your OPINION while MENTIONING the reasons. EXPLAIN the reasons, with examples, in the body paragraphs)

Preliminary education plays a crucial role in laying the foundation for a fulfilling life. To become an informed and responsible citizen, a person needs to have some fundamental understanding of history, geography, science, mathematics, and languages. While some people believe that children should study only their favorite subject to make a better career, I think a basic understanding of all subjects is a necessity. This not only makes a person more informed but also helps him make better choices.

Body Paragraph 1: (Reason 1 with example 1)

An understanding of history helps a child find his roots in a society. It enables him to appreciate the struggles past generations made to create a better and brighter present while learning from mistakes of the past. Human progress will be negligible if we keep committing the mistakes we have already made during the past. For instance, the global recession of 2008 was a repetition of the same mistakes that were made during the great depression of the 1930s. We repeated those mistakes 70 years later and suffered from similar consequences.

Body Paragraph 2: (Reason 1 continue …)

Similarly, an understanding of basic mathematics is required to carry out tasks in our daily life. We cannot invite a mathematician to take measurements of a room or to gauge our height. Moreover, an understanding of geography not only helps children know about various features of land such as mountains and rivers but also about daily weather and annual seasons.

Body Paragraph 3: (Reason 2 and example 2)

I strongly believe that all subjects are intertwined and linked to each other. A geographer, for instance, needs an understanding of the history of a region and its science. He also sometimes needs to take measurements. Thus, without the use of basic history, science, and mathematics, which are taught in school, he can not carry out his tasks. Furthermore, he needs a command over language, which is again taught in schools. Following only favorite subjects will not allow a professional make informed and better choices.

Conclusion: (Conclude while talking about FUTURE and IMPACT. Sometimes I prefer using “If …., Then ……” clause here.)

Thus, if children are not taught all subjects in schools, they will not be able to make superior choices either professionally or personally. An understanding of various subjects helps them become better citizens and shape a brighter future for a country economically, socially and culturally.

358 words.

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  1. Many people often agree with learning kids compulsory subjects in the early ten years of their life. Others think it is suitable for them to have the freedom to choose subjects they liked more to study. This essay agrees with educating children different kinds of sciences because this will increase their creativity and they shouldn’t curtail their future choices.
    Mandatory materials education is crucial to offsprings to become more creative and talented. Sciences such as mathematics, native and different languages, religion,music and history will widen their brain and will help them to discover their characters and talents. Thus some kids will find of music, others wi find their selves more in mathematics and so on. consequently this will satisfy their needs for information and help them to cooperate with the rapidly growing world around them. For example, a recent research found that the much knowledge the kid taken in younger age the more creative he will be in the future.
    the other reason for endorsing of different materials Learning is the fact that it is a prejudice for kids to be fully responsible about their future due to their early decisions. They couldn’t fully apprehend their interests except few of them. Furthermore, they have moody temperaments and they could get bored easily from a certain subject. Moreover, they may show later likeness to a certain science they didn’t choose in the past and this will depress thim and get confliction in their future choices of careers and goals. For instance, a recent study found that the more the variant sciences educated to a kid, the more he will be efficient in his future job.
    In conclusion, variant categories of knowledge should be offered to offsprings to make more creative brains and to prevent any detrimental effect on their future goals.


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