IELTS Essay July 2017: Education – Free or Paid.

Some people think that government should provide education for free on all levels: primary, secondary and tertiary. Others believe that it is the responsibility of individuals to pay for their own tertiary education. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

IELTS: 40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Introduction: (Introduce the topic and MENTION the reasons supporting both views. EXPLAIN these reasons in the body paragraph. Reserve your opinion for the conclusion)

Education plays a crucial role in not only building a foundation for a fulfilling life but also leading a successful profession. Unfortunately, a large number of youngsters are not offered the opportunity to attain education. While free education is important to offer equal opportunities to all sections of a society irrespective of their financial status, individuals should pay for education in order to support related infrastructure and get quality teachers.

Body Paragraph 1: (Free Education – Equal Opportunities)

All democratic countries are built on the foundation of comparable opportunities. However, the opportunity to educate is not available equally to all sections of a society. For instance, in India, children of wealthy parents study in English medium convent schools. Those from poor families study in schools with a deplorable quality of education. Consequently, these children cannot compete professionally with those from rich families later in life. The government must ensure that all schools and colleges deliver education free of cost so that all students can be given equal footing to compete in life.

Body Paragraph 2: (Paid Education – Infrastructure)

On the other hand, imparting free education to all is a Herculean task that involves significant monetary resources to support buildings, laboratories, libraries and administrative setup. With inflating government deficits, it is impractical for any government in the world to create a free education system. Such a system will be unsustainable and crumble in the absence of government support. To create a viable model, students must pay for their education.

Body Paragraph 3: (Paid Education – Quality Teachers)

Moreover, a free education system cannot hire and retain quality teachers. A well paid, quality human resource is central to education that builds better professionals. Governments cannot bear the burden of paying these professionals to teach future generations. Also, quality teachers need an enabling atmosphere of quality infrastructure. These can only be supported if individuals pay for their own education.

Conclusion: (Conclude with your opinion)

Though free education gives equal opportunities, it sacrifices quality of education. Paid education, while maintaining quality, makes society unequal. I believe we need an optimum mixture of both. While individuals should pay their fees, free education should be available to economically backward sections of society.

337 words.

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