IELTS and PTE Essay Notes: Transportation Problem

Transportation notes IELTS PTE

Transportation is a HOT topic in both IELTS and PTE exam. Traffic jams are becoming an increasingly serious problem.

Here are a few important points to remember and some terms to use in the essay.

  1. Megacities such as New York and Beijing are a nightmare for commuters and urban planners.
  2. These cities have high population density as well as vehicle density.
  3. Consequently, the roads are choked and smooth flow of traffic is hampered.
  4. Safety is compromised – New Delhi and Beijing have one of the highest numbers of road accidents in the world.
  5. The environment is damaged – millions of gallons of fuel is burnt in traffic jams.
  6. Modes of transport – private cars, buses (Bus Rapid Transit – BRT), taxi, mass rapid transit (metro), rickshaw.
  7. Expansion of road infrastructure is not a long-term solution since increasing number of private cars, taxis and rickshaws soon occupy the new space. This also harms the ecology of the city.
  8. Long-term solution – strengthening public transport facilities such as BRT and Metro.
  9. However, public transport can’t stand alone. For end-to-end connectivity (example home to office), all modes of transport need to be integrated.
  10. Example – drive a bicycle from home to metro station, travel by metro and then by bus to reach university.
  11. When modes of transport are not integrated/ connected, they cannot solve the traffic problem effectively.
  12. Need to connect suburban areas (suburbs) with the core of the city. Since most of the people live outside the city, they travel to the city every day for business.
  13. Example – Many people commute to the New York city from suburbs such as Hudson Valley. Similarly, many travel from the suburb of Okhla to New Delhi every day.
  14. Steps to enhance public transport: upgrade the infrastructure (add buses, metro), increase the frequency of transport, make public transport popular among commuters.

Stay tuned for more such notes that will help you score better in IELTS and PTE written and speaking exams.

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