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IELTS G.T Task 1: Problem with a Neighbor.

You have a problem with a neighbor. Write a letter to your neighbor. In you letter

1 Describe the problem.

2 Say how long it has been a problem.

3 Explain what action you want the neighbor to take.

Correction to an essay of a Facebook Friend.

Dear Raman,

I am writing this letter to find a solution of the problem which I’ve been facing for the past two months. ( the Introductory sentence is good.)

Perhaps, you are already aware that your dog guffi Guffi barks at night. As I’m working, I come home at 8 pm and around 10 pm. Please explain this sentence a bit more: “As/ Since I am a working professional, I usually come back home between 8 pm and 10 pm.”

Do not use contractions such as “I’m”. Use constructions “from X to Y”, “between X and Y” to mention range of things such as 8 pm – 10 pm.

 When I’m I am about to sleep, it the dog starts barking and its it is very extremely hard for me to take rest. (Use only one PRONOUN to refer to one noun.)

 For the difference between its and it’s, please visit my article HERE.

Last month, I had taken took sleeping pills (Past Perfect tense is not appropriate here. Prefer Simple Past tense). However, the doctor has advised me not to take more of sleeping pills because it is dangerous for kidneys. (Whoa Whoa! What is the link between sleeping pills and the dog? Make it clear.)

 The consistent barking of the dog forced me to take sleeping pills to artificially induce/ bring sleep. However, ……. Consequently, I was forced to stop consuming (take) the medicine (pills)

The problem has reached to such a height that I urge you to take action immediately. I therefore will be grateful if you could shift your dog to the back side of your house. (This is Okay.)

I hope the problem can be resolved soon.

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