IELTS Speaking Cue Card: A Restaurant You Like.

restaurant you like IELTS PTE

Describe a restaurant you like. Please say:

  1. Name and place of the restaurant.
  2. Explain its interiors.
  3. What kind of food it serves.
  4. How is it special

IELTS will give you one minute to plan and up to 2 minutes to deliver. Go Go Go!

Hold your horses, let me first give you a list of relevant topics.

A cafe you often visit.

An unusual food.


I am a social person, and I love dining in restaurants every weekend. (Introductory statement)

Last month, I visited “Hibachi”, an Indo-Chinese restaurant in Sector 8, Chandigarh. (Name and Place)

It is a modern restaurant in Chandigarh’s posh locality. Since real estate rents are exorbitantly high, it is in a relatively small area of about 15 feet by 30 feet. The restaurant is designed with Japanese wooden interiors and has an open kitchen for all customers to see. Even the food is served with chop sticks. (Interiors)

It serves Chinese, Japanese and Thai food. (Kind of food)

I have never eaten a tastier sushi and Kung Pao chicken as I’ve eaten here. Each item is specially prepared and customized to suit a customer’s taste. Things are not standardized like other restaurants. (Special)

Follow-up Questions:

  1. Which is better – home-made food or a restaurant’s food?
  2. Why do you prefer restaurant food?
  3. Which food do you prefer – modern or traditional?
  4. What traditional foods do you have in your country?
  5. What are the tourist attractions in your city?

Good luck making your own answer. Do not forget to share with us. And, feel free to share the answer to any of the follow-up questions in the comments section. I’ll reply as soon as possible.

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