Improve vocabulary (28 July 2017) Electric Cars – Listen While You Read

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The United Kingdom has recently decided to join other European countries in banning the sale of all internal-combustion engine-powered cars by the year 2040. 

This move is a regulatory push across Europe to phase out diesel and petrol vehicles and introduce electric and fuel-cell cars that are not only unpopular in the market but also face many infrastructure challenges such as availability of charging stations. The governments were forced to act because automakers, with a few exceptions, are still investing profoundly in improving the efficiency of diesel-powered vehicles. 

Regulate: To control by rule or law. 

Phase out: To bring to an end. 

Infrastructure: The basic framework of a system or organization. 

 Profoundly: A lot, intense, thorough, deep.

Though certain automakers such as Toyota Motors are committed to the goal of manufacturing emissions-free fleet in a few decades, the concerns about claims of increasing efficiency of diesel vehicles were raised when Volkswagen’s diesel emissions scandal came to light in 2015. Volkswagen had been deceiving regulators on the discharge of pollutants from its cars by malicious modifications in its software.  

Deceive: To mislead by false appearance or statement.

Discharge: To emit something. To remove something.

Malice (Malicious): Desire to cause injury, harm.

China has also joined hands with the European Union to prevent climate change by investing heavily in electric vehicles technology and supply chain. Moreover, China is also deterring customers from buying internal-combustion engine vehicles. 

Deter: Discourage or restrain from acting.

However, such regulatory changes are likely to face strong headwinds from interest groups such as oil and gas companies, and automobile manufacturers who not only pay huge taxes to the government but also contribute heavily to employment. 

Headwinds: Wind opposite to the course of a moving object; severe resistance.

Words learned today:

  1. Regulate
  2. Phase Out
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Profoundly
  5. Deceive
  6. Discharge
  7. Malice
  8. Deter
  9. Headwinds.

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