IELTS Essay July 2017: High Living Standards and Social Values.

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This essay was asked multiple times in July 2017 only.

Some countries improve their economy to gain a high standard of living, but some social values can be lost during this transition. Give your opinion and examples.

IELTS: 40 minutes, 250 words at least.

PTE: 20 minutes, 200 to 300 words.

IELTS asked a similar question on economic wealth. You can go through it HERE.


Introduction: (Introduce the topic with your OPINION while MENTIONING the reasons that you’ll EXPLAIN in the body paragraph.)

We live in an era of unprecedented economic wealth that has given us high standards of living. Gradually, a lot of developed and developing countries are adding to an already elevated material prosperity. However, certain important moral values are being compromised in this process due to the desire for more luxuries and the commodification of everything.

Body Paragraph 1: (Reason 1, example 1)

Increase in economic well-being has created a desire for more and more goods. Nowadays, everyone wants an SUV car despite the availability of less-costly alternatives such as public transport and smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles. Similarly, a smart phone and an air conditioner are seen as necessities rather than a mere desire. This is leading to erosion of social values such as respect and love for nature. In India, for instance, various plants and trees were traditionally venerated. However, with excessive desires, the young generation has lost any touch with those traditional values.

Body Paragraph 2: (Reason 2, example 2)

With greater standards of living, humans have commodified everything from women to water. Women are gradually becoming commodities for consumption with the proliferation of pornography, which is a manifestation of material wealth. Similarly, water, which was traditionally venerated as a God in India and was a free resource, is being bottled and sold in the market. Consequently, collective values of respect for women and veneration for water have been eroded beyond repair.

Conclusion(Conclude by mentioning the other side of the debate + with future and/ or impact)

In conclusion, humans have increased their standard of living and, in this process, compromised certain social values. However, this does not mean that these high living standards and social values cannot coexist. Since humans tend to find solutions to all problems, we have to devise ways to maintain economic wealth along with morals and ethics.

275 words.

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  1. Countries in recent times have gotten more advanced and have seen the need in boosting their economic growth as a nation. This advancement in economic growth, without doubt, improves the standard of living. On the other hand, certain social values are lost as a result of improvement in the economy during this period. This essay explains how the improvement on the economy impacts negatively on social values of the nation.
    Industrialization, as it is seen, boosts the economy of a nation. Some countries in order to boost their economy commences on radical industrialization by setting up the required infrastructure for the process. To set up the needed infrastructure, the government acquires people’s lands and build maybe manufacturing plants there. By so doing, the social values of the nation have been eroded since people cannot claim ownership of their property again.
    Furthermore, there is always lack of confidence in the governmental process by the people. For example, during the recent global oil price slump, some oil producing nations in order to boost its economy, decreased on government spending and this led to the masses getting involved in crimes all in the need for survival.
    To conclude, it can be seen that the transition period of economic improvement has its own impact on social values.

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