IELTS GT Task 1 July 2017: Friend Staying at Your Home.

Friend staying at your home IELTS PTE

You will be going to out of town soon. Your friend will stay at your home in your absence. Write a letter to your friend and say

– When and where are you going?
– Give some instructions related to the use of home equipment.
– Suggest some local attraction and places to visit.

20 minutes, 150 words at least.


Dear Ana,

Thank you for agreeing to stay at my home in Ottawa during my trip to Japan next week for the International Science Conference at Kyoto. Allow me to give you a few instructions on managing home equipment in my absence.

All food-related equipment can be easily located in the kitchen, except barbecue, which is in the backyard. You will find the oven in the extreme right corner of the kitchen. You can cook delicious pizzas just by switching on the green button. The washing machine and dryer are in the basement. The heat in the dryer is set for cotton clothes. Please make necessary adjustments to suit your needs.

During winters, the main attraction in Ottawa is the Rideau canal which is frozen, and people use it for skiing. You can visit the Parliament building and watch a beautiful laser show in the evening explaining the history of Canada. Moreover, you must visit the world war museum that shows all the military equipment Canadian military used during the first half of twentieth-century.

I am sure you will enjoy this week long stay in the capital of Canada.

Your friend,


187 words.

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  1. Dear Ana,

    Thanks for agreeing to stay at my home during my trip to Japan. I will start my trip on 19 Jan and will be gone for a week. Allow me to give me instructions about things around the house.

    All the cleaning equipment are at store room in house backyard. For cleaning, you have to plug in the vacuum at bottom right socket in the living room. Food related equipment is in the kitchen, except the barbeque. You can find it in the backyard and please free to use it for making delicious pizzas. The washing machine is in the downstairs room. There is an outlet for cold and hot water already attach to the machine. The dryer is setup for the cotton cloth, please adjust the setting according to your need.

    At this time of the summer in the Delhi, there is a lot of attractions. You must visit the India Gate, the evening will be the best time of visit. You should also check out the President House, it has great paintings and laser. I am sure you love it.

    If you have any problems in using any types of equipment around the house, please ring me on the number I have kept on the bridge. See you, when I am back from the trip

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