ImproveVocabulary (1 August 2017): Pakistan Unseats Prime Minister.

The following paragraphs are extracted from Wall Street Journal dated 29th of July. Please visit the WSJ website for more details.

Pakistan was plunged into a new phase of political turmoil Friday after the country’s Supreme Court removed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from office following an investigation into allegations of corruption.

Plunge: Suddenly fall into something.

Turmoil: A state of confusion, disorder.

Pakistan, a fragile democracy that has been ruled by the military for nearly half its existence, is considered vital to the U.S. effort to bring peace to neighboring Afghanistan. Now, Islamabad’s attention to that problem could be sapped by its own political crisis. The world’s sixth-most populous country, Pakistan is also locked in a tense, nuclear-armed standoff with another neighbor, India.

Fragile: Easily damaged, broken, harmed.

Sap: To make someone weaker by taking away strength.

Standoff: A situation in which an agreement is not possible.

The court disqualified Mr. Sharif, a third-time prime minister, for not being “honest,” a requirement for lawmakers under Pakistan’s constitution. The court also ordered a corruption trial against Mr. Sharif, whose family is accused of amassing wealth through corrupt means and purchasing expensive overseas properties with that money. His daughter and preferred political heir, Maryam, and his two sons also face a corruption trial, as does the finance minister, Ishaq Dar, who has been caught up in the allegations as well.

Amass: To get a large amount of something.

Heir: A person who will legally receive money, property, etc from elder members of a family.

Mr. Sharif, who along with his family denies any wrongdoing, hasn’t been convicted of any crime, and some of his supporters voiced defiance in the face of the court’s action.

Defy (defiance): To refuse to obey a person.

Words learned today:

  1. Plunge
  2. Turmoil
  3. Fragile
  4. Sap
  5. Standoff
  6. Amass
  7. Heir
  8. Defy

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