IELTS Essay July 2017: The Internet​ vs Books for Information and Entertainment.

The Internet vs Books IELTS PTE.jpg

Some people think advanced technology such as the Internet is a powerful source of information. Others, however, think that books are also a good source of information and entertainment. Give your opinion and examples.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Introduction(Introduce the topic, state your OPINION while MENTIONING the reasons supporting your opinion.)

Rapid advancements in technologies such as the Internet and smart phones in the 21st century have changed the way humans collect information and entertain themselves. While traditionally books were the primary source of information, knowledge, and entertainment, today the Internet seems to be more important. Not only is the use of the Internet more convenient in terms of searching the right content, but also it offers diverse means of entertainment such as games, movies, newspapers and, of course, books and saves a lot of time.

Body Paragraph 1: (Reason 1, Example 1)

Though books have been an excellent source of information since the emergence of printing technology, the Internet has been a game changer. While books are heavy, difficult to search and are costly, the net is very convenient to find the required material and is extremely cheap. For instance, to search information on any topic, all one has to do is type the exact words on Google and the world wide web will present relevant web pages. In the case of books, however, not only one has to search for the right book in the library but also sift through the index and table of contents. This often takes hours.

Body Paragraph 2: (Reason 2, Example 2)

Moreover, the Internet and smart phone are a much powerful tool of entertainment than the books. The cyberspace not only gives access to movies, videos, and games but also to millions of e-books and magazines. For instance, Facebook application in a smart phone is an excellent way to connect with friends and family as well as learning new things and watching new videos. Also, the modern generation is extremely busy with profession and family. This leaves little time to read books. The Internet is a convenient alternative that helps in finding information quickly and saves a lot of time.

Conclusion: (Conclude while presenting the other side of the debate + future and/or impact)

In conclusion, though books offer deeper insights and distraction free reading experience, the Internet offers much more than books and continues to shape the way humans run their daily life. 

323 words.

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  1. The internet is one of the recent developments that has changed the lives of peoples. Though critics maintain that it has been of little or no value since its invention because of it has discouraged people from book reading, advocates, which i share the same opinion with, argue that with its invention, information is accessible and covers a wider range than books. In the same vein, advocates maintain that the internet has encouraged the attitude of research among scholars.
    Until recently, the library has been the only place where students and researchers go to get academic information. With the internet now available, people can make use of their mobile phones or laptops to access any information at any place. In developed countries, there are high network coverage and this allows for easy accessibility of information.
    Furthermore, information gotten from books is limited unlike the internet which avails one the chance of having multiple information at a time. Universities now run an e-library where students can come and hook up to the internet for a better academic experience.
    Also, the thought of transporting to the market and buying books discourage people in a lot of ways from reading. With the internet now available, one can easily avail himself of any information and this has increased the drive for reading and studying people.
    In conclusion, the role of internet in this modern world cannot be over emphasized because it brings out the best in people and makes them more informed than ever before.

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