IELTS GT Task 1 July 2017: Letter to Local Council.

tourist facilities IELTS PTE.jpg

Write a letter to your local council about the improvement of tourist facilities in your area. Include the following in your letter:

– What are the current tourist facilities in your area?
– What are the benefits tourism brings to the local community?
– Suggest improvements that need to be done, in your opinion.

20 minutes, 150 words.

Dear Council Members,

I am writing this letter to raise the issue of lack of adequate facilities for tourists during peak season in our city. Undoubtedly, our region’s economy is dependent on tourism. Every year more than 100,000 tourists flock our city’s historical sites, pristine mangroves, and beautiful beaches. However, we have not invested enough in our tourism infrastructure.

We suffer from lack of trained guides to inform tourists about the history and geography, including flora and fauna, of our region. Many guides are untrained local youth who have little idea about our city. Moreover, there are only a few dozen boats to take tourists into the mangroves. This often leads to long queues, and some visitors have to wait for hours before venturing into the mesmerizing world of mangroves. Furthermore, we have a far lesser number of lifeguards as compared to other beaches competing with us. (Current tourist facilities)

Tourism not only supports the local economy in terms of employment, but also it is a major source of tax revenue for the council. The user fee collected at various places helps us maintain the historical sites and keep our beaches clean. (Benefits for local community)

By training local youth in history and geography of our area we will create more than a few hundred jobs and fill the gap in the market. Adding at least a hundred boats and lifeguards will increase satisfaction rate of the visitors and, again, generate employment. This will be a win-win situation for everyone. (Improvements needed to be done)

Note: Improvements needed are derived from current local facilities. Thus, planning local facilities before writing the answer is central to your strategy of scoring 7+ bands.

Words = 240.

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