IELTS Speaking Cue Card: Good Service from a Person.

Good Service IELTS PTE.jpg

Talk about an occasion when you received a good service from a person. Please say

– What was the service?
– When and where did you receive it?
– Why did you like it so much?


The image that crops up in the minds of most people on hearing the words “Good Service” is that of a restaurant. Today I would like to project a new image. Since most of the readers of this blog will be going abroad as a student, let me present STUDENT SERVICES as a pillar of excellent service.

Remember, IELTS does not judge you on the truth of your answer but on its presentation.

Last year I joined the University of Western Ontario as a graduate student. Since I had never been outside India, I was anxious about changes in lifestyle in a new country. However, the anxiety did not last long due to excellent services and friendly behavior of the student cell.

The surprisingly good service started right at the Toronto airport. There was an Indian student at the airport to receive me and make me feel at home. He not only introduced me to the university and the course but also told me about Canada’s diverse culture. Once I was in the student residence, the student cell members met me personally and they had arranged a perfect room for me. The excellent service of the cell made me feel that I had never left my home. (About service, when and where.)

I loved the service because it extinguished my anxiety about a new country and assimilated me in the diverse Canadian culture. (Why like it)


  1. How did you feel after it? (This question is asked if you’ve not answered the third part of the question correctly.)
  2. What is the difference between services from a big or small company?
  3. What jobs require staff to get in touch with a lot of people?
  4. What qualities should the staff member have for such job? Why?
  5. What should people do when they receive bad service?

Please discuss the follow-up questions in the comments box. We look forward to hearing your answers. Good Luck!

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