IELTS Academic Task 1: Lakeside Development.

The diagram shows Lakeside development between years 2000 and 2009.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Lakeside Process Diagram IELTS PTE

20 minutes, 150 words at least.


The given maps present changes in Lakeside landscape from 2000 to 2009.

Structuring this answer requires understanding that the diagram presents three different things. 1. Some things remained unchanged; 2. Others were expanded/ contracted; 3. Still others were replaced.

During these nine years, the residential area in the northwest and the school in the center were maintained. The river continued to divide the residential and commercial parts of the region from the industrial complex. (Unchanged)

The industrial complex was expanded and was completely separated from any residential area. The lake, which was the source of the river, shrunk during this period into a pond. (Expanded/Contracted)

While the derelict warehouse in the north was replaced by a car parking, offices and a university stood in place of the old town. A cinema was constructed in the west replacing the art center and the residential center south of the art center was razed to make way for a shopping complex. Moreover, the residential complex at the southern extreme of the lakeside was removed such that the industrial complex was completely isolated from any commercial or residential activity. (Replaced)

155 words.

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  1. The both maps compare the variations in the lakeside . while ,first one is in 2002 however, other is in 2009.

    Overall, comparing two maps, there are significant change after this development as well as also both maps show that place has become a good place with lots of facilities .

    The most noticeable change, was seen in Industrial complex which, was expanded and also divided into many parts in 2009.Lake was also turned into pond .Derelic warehouses were demolished and replaced by car park. The place of school ,was unchanged .Art center that was located in the west direction, moved into cinema hall in 2009 .

    In 2002 ,there were three residential area but two were destroy in 2009 and that place was used for other purposes such as for shopping mall. In whole maps ,one of the residential area was remain on same place which is in west side and near the car park and also way of river.

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    without using dot….such as how I do linking …? for my improvement
    please check this and how many bands I can get from this

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  2. The two maps compare the development of lakeside in year 2000 and 2009.

    Overall, industrial complex was expanded replacing the residential area in the south-east. Similarly, lake was turned into pond and, old town and residential area of north-west side was replaced by office/university and shopping centre respectively.

    In 2000, the lake water had passes through school and industrial complex but after 9 years lake changed into pond may be due to the increment of population. Derelic warehouse which was beside the residential area was replaced by car park for the Offices and University purpose in 2009 which was old town in 2000. Similarly, Art Centre was stood between the residential area to provide an entertainment in 2000. But in 2009, Art Centre had changed into Cinema for more fun. Likewise, residential area situated in front of Art Centre replaced by shopping centre in the north-west side.

    In terms of Industrial Complex, the land was expanded replacing residential area in the side of south-east. The interesting fact is that three residential area in 2000 was decreased to one in 2009 and school area remained unchanged till 2009 in lakeside.



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