PTE Speaking Retell Lecture: Buy Happiness

This is a long-answer item type that integrates listening and speaking skills and requires test takers to understand and re-tell a lecture. You’ll have 10 seconds to prepare before the microphone opens and 40 seconds to deliver your answer.

Strategy: Make notes while you listen. To help students learn better I’m adding a transcript to the audio. This will help you improve your speaking as well as listening.

Buy Time with Money PTE Speaking .jpg

I hate household chores such as cleaning the bathroom. It’s a wastage of my precious time that I could have used in doing something constructive. However, there is a solution. According to a recent science journal article, people can buy happiness by paying someone to do undesirable household activities. 

“People are feeling busier today than in the past,” says the author of the article. Though they are earning more, they have little time for household activities. The solution is simple: trade-off some extra money for buying home services.

The researchers studied how a sample of more than 6,000 Americans, Canadians, Danes, and Dutch people used their extra income. They proved that by spending the money we can determine how we spend our time. We can purchase our way out of undesirable experiences in our day-to-day lives and the positive impact of such actions goes beyond the money spent.

You can make notes in the comments box below and send them as your answer.

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