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IELTS Essay Correction: Pet Ownership’s Advantages and Disadvantages

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Many people keep dogs and cats as companions. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of pet ownership for the animals involved and for the community as a whole.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.

IELTS loves asking questions on ANIMALS/ Wild Life. Please go through the following links to go through more such essays.

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Most of the people have a hobby to keep dogs and cats as pet animals. The owner love loves (Owners love; Owner loves – subject-verb agreement) animals like as a member of the family. Keeping pet animals have both pros and cons so this essay first discuss  discusses about advantages then deals with disadvantages. This essay discusses both advantages and disadvantages of pet ownership.

Dogs and cats are faithful animals. They guard and provide good security to home as well as to the community. Those animals make noise if an unknown person is in your community or at home. Once person show shows good behavior towards dogs and cats the pets, then they are likely to be friendly. A lot of mistakes here: Articles (a, an, the), subject-verb agreement (person shows)

Similarly, those animals play a crucial role when you are alone at home and missing beloved one. Animals become a good friend to you to share your feelings if you do not get any partner. For example, personally, when I was alone at home I had played with my dog and share shared all the happy moments with him. Tenses: Use past tense. In IELTS exam try to avoid past perfect tense (HAD). However, if you still want to use then please learn it first. Here is a useful article from this website.

However, there are also some disadvantages where owner as well as community members should be well aware. While playing with dogs and cats, they may transfer the diseases from saliva and fur of dog these animals. Pet animals may contact with street dogs and cats. As a result, members may have health problems. You could have connected the two simple sentences to create a better sentence. Example: Pets may catch communicable diseases from stray/ street animals and may transmit these diseases to their owners. 

In addition, those animals may disturb when you are busy in your personal work. They may add to your work by the destruction of materials or important works. For instance, a recent survey shows that about 20 percent of disease diseases are transmitted from pet animals to the children in the USA.

In conclusion, although pet animals are good friends (+) in the alone period, it they may harm in your health while playing with them by transferring diseases (-). Similarly, they provide security to the home and community which make owner to be out of fear from thieves and unknown persons (+). So in my opinion, pet animals are also should be in proper hygiene to be played with them. (Solution to -)

A lot of redundancy in conclusion. Expression is weak. Your conclusion is not well structured. You first give a positive (+) point, followed by a negative (-), then positive and then solution to the negative point. That’s too haphazard.

Please note my conclusion (rephrasing your ideas) with a better structure.

In conclusion, though pets may unintendedly transfer certain communicable diseases (-), this issue can be sorted out through proper hygiene and training (Solution to -). They are our best friends not only in terms of providing security (+) but also in giving a company (+)

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  1. Is it right to give our opinion on advantages and disadvantages essay? Or just provide solutions in conclusion.
    And plz evaluate band score


    • Well, if the question asks for your opinion, you must give yours. For instance, the question asks “discuss both views and give your opinion.” On the other hand, if the question does not ask for your opinion, you still can integrate it in the essay. However, that should be restricted to the conclusion only.


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