IELTS Speaking: Interview; Cue Card (A Child You Know); Follow-Up Questions.

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Complete IELTS Speaking Test with interview, cue-card and follow-up questions.

What’s your name?
I’m Sartaj Singh Sidhu. You can call me Sartaj.

Are you working or studying?
I’m currently employed in a construction company.

How long have you been working for this company?
I have been serving this company since January 2015.

What are your main duties?
My task as a construction manager involves ensuring the quality of construction activities at my site and reporting the daily work done to the project manager.

What do you like most about the work you do?
I had no experience of working in the construction industry before I joined this company. Consequently, I learn new things about financing, accounting, quality control, worker management and client satisfaction every day.  

What would you like to change or improve in your work?
There are better ways of procuring construction raw material than we are currently employing. I would love to change our construction scheduling method as well. Currently, we are completing projects in 18 months on an average. With the changes, I suggest we can reduce completion time to 16 months.

Do you like shopping?
I’m not much into shopping. However, I love shopping electronic gadgets such as latest mobile phones and laptops.

What food items do you buy? Do you shop alone?
I regularly purchase food items such as vegetables, milk, pulses, and bread for daily consumption at my home. To purchase these items my wife often accompanies me.

What time do you do the shopping? Why?
I usually shop food items in the evening while coming back from the office. Both my wife and I wake up late in the morning. Since we have to be in the office by 10 am, we do not have time to purchase these items in the morning. 


Cue-Card: Describe a child you know.

You should say:

  1. How old is he or she?
  2. What does s/he look like?
  3. How you two are related?
  4. Do you like/dislike this child?


I love children. However, I’m particularly fond of elder brother’s son. My nephew is about two years old.

Like most healthy two-year-old kids, he is cute and very beautiful. With large eyes and a wide smile, he is an attractive boy. Since all male members of my family have a height of 6 feet and above, my nephew is too tall as compared to other boys of his age. I’m sure, his height and strong body structure will help him become a sports person just like his father.

I love my nephew not only because I love all young children, but also because he is the only kid in the family. Consequently, all family members love to play with him, and he is the apple of everyone’s eye.

Follow up questions:

What kind of children activities are there available in your city?
Chandigarh is a city of parks. We have the largest park area per 100,000 residents in the world. So, children mostly play outdoor games such as soccer, cricket, hockey, and tennis. Moreover, there are museums designed for children. We have a zoo which displays animals from all over India. Moreover, a lot of painting and essay writing competitions for children are held by various organizations throughout the city.

How can we promote the interest a child in such activities?
Well, parents and guardians must take children to these activities and personally show interest. A child will engage in painting or writing if parents equally participate in these activities. A child will not go to museums as long as parents are not interested. Parents should not only accompany a child to the zoo but also explain the child the behavior of various animals. 

Do you think indoor activities will replace outdoor activities in the future?
With the proliferation of internet, games and smart phones, I think kids are gradually moving away from sports activities and team work to gadgets and isolation. Engaging television programs and computer games consume a lot of kid’s time. This time could have been better spent in sports. I guess indoor activities will gradually replace out door activities in the future.

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