Improve Vocabulary (7 August 2017): Vegans

Vegans IELTS PTE vocabulary.jpg

Scientists have recently proven that changing the eating behavior of humans can have a strong positive impact in reducing global carbon emissions. They have pointed out that if humans stop consuming meat and other animal products, harmful emissions can be reduced by up to 70 percent.

Emissions: Gases produced by an activity (factory emissions) or living thing (farming emissions).

Those who do not consume any animal products are termed as Vegans. They are against any form of exploitation or cruelty against animals. Thus, vegans not only oppose any food derived from animals but also refuse leather shoes and clothes that use any animal byproduct. In nut shell, veganism goes beyond vegetarianism, which is only about not eating meat and fish.

Veganism has not only a strong ethical grounding but also a firm environmental advantage. Rearing animals such as cows, pigs, and goats produce one of the strongest greenhouse gas called Methane.

Vegans: Those who do not consume any animals or products.

Ethical: Moral. The right thing/ action.

Greenhouse gases: Gases that absorb sun’s heat and increase the Earth’s atmospheric temperature.

Words Learned Today:

  1. Emissions.
  2. Vegans.
  3. Ethical.
  4. Greenhouse Gases.

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