Improve Vocabulary (9 August 2017): The Google Memo

google memo IELTS PTE.png

Recently, a Google employee wrote a controversial memo questioning the company’s diversity program and hiring policy that employs more women in the company. The tech giant has expelled the employee.

Controversial: Related to a dispute, debate, contension.

Memo: A short note.

Diversity: Variety.

Expel: To force out; To drive away. 

The employee argues in the memo that more men than women work because of biological differences between the two genders. The memo highlights several biases and blind spots in the company.

Bias: Prejudice; preconceived opinion about somebody

Blind Spot: An area or subject about which one is uninformed.

Google believes that all employees should be cognizant of the fact that unconscious biases prevent women from progressing in the society in general and the tech industry in particular. However, the memo states that the biological differences between males and females are responsible for the different level of representation of the two genders.

Cognizant: Aware.

Unconscious: Not conscious; Doing something without being aware.

You can read the whole memo here.

Words learned today.

  1. Controversial
  2. Memo
  3. Diversity
  4. Expel
  5. Bias
  6. Blindspot
  7. Cognizant
  8. Unconscious

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