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IELTS Essay Correction: Workers Should Wear Uniforms – 2.

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Checking a student’s answer.

Some people claim that workers should wear uniforms. Others allege that people should be free in their choice. Discuss both opinions, and give your own opinion.

IELTS: 40 minutes, 250 words at least.

PTE: 20 minutes, 200 to 300 words.


Please go through my answer on the topic as well as of student 1 and student 3.

This It is become has become (/ is becoming) (Wrong tense) important for employees to wear a dress because so that people can easily identify every person them (employees, the subject, is a plural. Use a pronoun to refer to the subject.) in an easy way that in which company they do work. (A lot of mistakes ranging from tenses to articles and pronouns.)

Some people believe that uniform should be compulsory while in the opinion of others, worker workers ought to wear their costumes according to their wish on their work (too much their) – workers ought to wear a dress that suits their taste. I will discussed discuss (tenses) both views in the following paragraphs.

On the one hand, a dress is beneficial for an employee because it remove removes the differences between the workers. Many a times, some worker have has no money for purchasing the various type of clothes hence, they can wear dress sans any worry of clothes which they wear or which they not and they have no need to wear a different kind of clothes in their job sector. (A simple idea expressed through a very complex and redundant sentence) Rephrase: Sometimes poor workers do not have money to purchase clothes. A company supported dress code eliminates the need for such wasteful spending.

Moreover, the same uniform identity of forms as well as groups since in same dress consumer and boss can easily identified  identify that who is a member of company and organization. Moreover, a uniform dress code allows management to easily differentiate whether the worker is from the shop floor or a foreman or a supervisor. Dress codes, thus, increase organizational productivity.

For instance, one of my neighbor neighbours who was new in our society and no one any person who know them but from their his (one neighbor = singular; can’t use they. Wrong pronoun usage.) uniform, we know them in which company they do work. Apart from this, uniform shows that a person does a white color job or a blue color job.

On the other hand, sometimes, uniform make makes workers uncomfortable and unfocused, and even they felt feel (tenses) extremely boar because, they do not feel relax in daily clothes and also cannot enjoy their work life which they show their extra ordinary (I didn’t understand this.). Workers also want colorful work life. With the aid of different casual clothes consumers (How can consumers do this? Makes no sense.) can give a great deal of attention on their task better. For example, I always prefer to wear cotton clothes and even which are colorful but my dress is made of silk and in white color and I dislike this because it is not suitable for my body As a consequent, I cannot do work with efficient way. (Well, what does this have to do with WORKERS. Lost context in this example.)

To sum up, In my view, both has have their owns benefits. But However, rules and regulations are vital if company say dress is vital, worker should wear this. But, company should also give them one day in a weak so that employee can wear on that day clothes by their own choice and feel comfortable.

357 words. Feel free to ask any question on tenses, singular-plural, articles, has/have, restructuring, etc. in the comments box below.

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  1. Nursery and primary school students are the people widely known to wear uniforms. Recently, this policy found its way in tertiary institutions where some departments in the university ensure that college students dress formally. Now the debate for workers to wear uniform is ongoing. While advocates argues that wearing branded clothes makes workers corporate and shows identity, critics say it exposes workers to security threats.
    Uniforms form an organisation. In my recent place of work, we are advised to wear the company’s branded shirts on particular week days. Not only do we pride in this, we see it as an avenue to advertise our company to the general public. Now throughout my neighbourhood, people refer to me by the name of the company i work in. A research was conducted on which form of advertisement attracts customers to and organization and it was established that dressing in a company’s wear is the best form of advert.
    While the advantages are numerous, skeptics advise that workers should not be made to wear uniforms because of the security risk associated with it. Recently, some workers of an oil producing company in Nigeria were attacked, and the perpetrators identified them by the uniform they wore. Critics maintain that for workers to be allow to wear branded cloths, they must be provided with the adequate security so that their lives will not be endangered.
    To conclude, the both sides of the argument is correct but while it is important to get maximum returns on investment through advertisement, workers should be provided with the adequate security for protection.

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