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IELTS GT Task 1 Correction: Neighbor who took care of children.

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I’ve checked this answer to help you in Grammar and Structure. However, this is not a complete question. Please send a complete question with the answer next time.

Your neighbor took care of your children for a day when you had to attend to a professional commitment. Letter to her thanking for this favour.

20 minutes, 150 words at least.

Dear jessica, hello lady!

Hope you and yours (yours what?) are doing well. I am very much pleased at your part for being a care taker for my children when I was out for a meeting. Rephrase: Thank you for taking care of my children while I was out for a meeting. 

At the outset, immensely thankful for your favour (You’ve thanked – pleased – in the previous sentence and also mentioned the favor. Repetition.) as you proved a generous neighbor. It was very hard for me to let kids alone in my absence but you proved a real boon in needy situation (Connecting WHICH with SITUATION means situation allowed her to participate.) which allows allowed (tense mistake) me to actively participate in the professional commitment. Since it was impossible for me to leave kids alone at home, you support allowed me to participate in the meeting. (Her support can allow you to participate in the meeting, but not the situation.)

Your support was indeed helpful and made me feel utmost relaxed and satisfied for the whole day. You being a kind lady proved angel in concerning phase. (This is repetition of previous ideas in different words.) You will feel astonished (I didn’t understand this sentence) after from my children in connection of their stay. They felt like being in their home. Sound stay making them more fun-lovable. Foreseeing for the next visit at the earliest. Anxiously looking forward for to a dinner as a thanking way from my side. Come over the table next week. Once again thanking you from core of my heart. (This is a lot of repetition. IELTS exam penalizes you for making repetitions. Please avoid this.)

Let me invite you for a dinner this weekend to thank you for a marvelous job.

Yours lovingly.

164 words. Lot of redundancy. This will reduce your bands in the IELTS exam. Go through one of my writing task 1 to understand how to write an 8+ bands answer.

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