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IELTS GT Task 1 Correction: A Billboard Before Your House.

billboard ielts pte.jpg

A Large bill board stands before your house, which is troublesome for you. Write a letter to the local authority explaining this problem and suggest ways for its resolution.

20 minutes, 150 words at least.

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you that there is a billboard fixed at 545-CC, sector-D due to which we (Who are WE? No noun to which this pronoun refers) my family are is facing many problems. It is a cause of discomfort for us (Cause of discomfort = Problems. Repetition of an idea in different words. Redundancy.). Firstly, that billboard is quite huge in size and now it has made a great hurdle in sunlight (You have written firstly and raised two different issues. Do you want to connect them as one?)Firstly, the billboard is so large in size that it obstructs the natural light in my home during mornings.

Due to lack of sunlight, we are facing bad (There are no BAD health problems) several health problems. Also in the at night, the sharp lights of this billboard disturb us my family’s sleepConsequently, my children are almost always late for the school.

Secondly, I have 3 three kids who play outside the house in the evening and especially in rain, they normally touch that billboard and feel electricity shock. once during rains, they touched the billboard during rains and received a jolt of electricity.

I requested you to kindly change I request you to change (Bad Style. Never insert any word between to and its verb – to change.) the position of this billboard and fix it on at another place (Outside the street) so that I don’t feel afraid for my kids while playing outside and it will (Tenses: Keep the tense same. Simple present) also improves our health.

I request you to change the position of this billboard and fix it at another place outside the street. This will not only be safer for all kids in the area but also enable us to enjoy sunlight and stay healthy.

I look forward to your positive response.


Yours sincerely,

jack Jack.

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