Improve Vocabulary (11 August 2017): A Migration Crisis in Spain.

Spain IELTS PTE.jpg

A migration crisis looms over Spain. International Organization for Migration (IOM) states that in 2017 more than eight thousand migrants, about three times that of the number in 2016, have arrived in Spain. It is assumed that the spike is primarily due to the short route between Morocco and Spain.

Migrate: To go from one country or place to another.

Loom: An event which is about to happen.

However, the journey through illegal migration routes sometimes ends in a tragedy. In May 2017, about 49 Africans, who were trying to reach Spain through the Mediterranean sea, went missing after their boat capsized.

Capsized: to turn bottom up; overturn.

In February 2017, the Spanish police discovered a decomposed body of a six-year-old African boy. His mother and he are assumed to have died when their boat sank while transiting from Morocco to Spain. The body of the innocent boy has prompted an outrage on social media and human right groups have used it to raise awareness about the plight of refugees.

Decompose: to rot; disintegrate.

Outrage: A powerful feeling of resentment; anger over something.

Plight: An unfortunate condition.

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