IELTS July 2017 Essay (PTE): Violence in video games and television.

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Many parents are unhappy with the amount of violence in video games, television programs, and other leisure activities. How harmful could this be to children? What could be done to solve this problem?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


A similar question was asked in the PTE exam: Violence in movies and on television increases crime.

Introduction: (Introduce the topic, state your OPINION and MENTION the reasons supporting your answer. EXPLAIN the reasons in the body paragraphs. Reserve SOLUTIONS for the penultimate paragraph.)

Media, particularly television, plays an important role in shaping human behavior. Children tend to emulate the television serials and movies they watch. I strongly believe that watching violence on television and games adversely influences many children. This makes them aggressive and psychologically influences them to act illegally.  

Body Paragraph 1: (Reason 1: Aggressive)

Watching bloodshed, brutality, and assault on television negatively impacts the tender minds of children and makes them irritated and hostile. Their behavior towards the peer group and parents becomes extreme, and this severely impacts their ability to perform normal functions such as helping a fellow human. Ultimately, violence prevents them from becoming responsible and law-abiding citizens.

Body Paragraph 2: (Reason 2: Act Illegally)

Watching violence in games and on television makes children believe that carrying out acts of aggression is not only easy but also acceptable to the society. This often motivates them to commit illegal activities such as physically hurt a classmate. These aggressive behaviors slowly strengthen and children carry out more heinous crimes such as grievous physical injury, rape, murder, theft, and drugs.

Body Paragraph 3: (Solutions)

To protect children from violent content on television and video games, parents need to exercise strong control over what children watch. Moreover, government and regulators must ensure that no violence should be broadcast on television during the prime time when all family members, including children, watch television. Also, regulatory oversight should ensure that computer games do not have bloodshed and other aggressive acts.

Conclusion: (Conclude with FUTURE and/or IMPACT)

In conclusion, children are the future of a society and protecting them from any adverse psychological influence is the duty of every individual as well as government. A mentally sound child becomes a responsible and economically productive citizen only if he is protected from physical violence in the media.

277 Words.

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  1. The escalating violence in video games, television shows, and other entertainment activities is alarming as it is deteriorating our children mental health and harming our communities by increasing the crime rates. This essay is going to discuss the drawbacks of this phenomenon and the ways of solving it.

    First, the continuous watching of violence increased the number of crimes committed in our societies as our children try to imitate this violent scenes in the real lives which led to crises. For example, in Chicago, twenty people were found dead in a semi-truck parking in one of Walmart’s stores where a group of youngsters was mimicking a human trafficking scene in one of the video games.

    Another effect of the increased violence content in the daily entertainment is that it damages the mental health of our kids and affect their cognition badly. For instance, a research done by Sydney University showed that the kids who are subjected to this violent scenes in their pre-adolescent period, their neuronal activities and cognition memory efficiency decreased by 40 percent.

    In conclusion, the impact of the extreme violence in our games and shows is disastrous on our young generations and we have to enforce the governments to put strict regulations on the producers of such entertainment games and television programs to eliminate any violent content in their productions and to impose sanctions on those who impeach the law.

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