IELTS G.T. Task 1 July 2017: Advertisement Recruiting Volunteers

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Picture Courtesy: Pixabay

You have seen an advertisement recruiting volunteers for the upcoming major sports event in your city. Write a letter to the manager of the event and say

– Why do you want to participate?
– How can you help?
– What benefit will you get from this job?

20 minutes, 150 words.


Dear ………,

I read your advertisement about recruiting volunteers for the upcoming National Basketball Matches at New Delhi. I wish to participate in the event since I am a basket ball fan and I have extensive experience in volunteering for various sports events.

I have volunteered for several local and state level cricket, tennis and football events. My experience includes not only in helping prepare the field for these matches but also in preparing seating arrangements. For basketball matches, I can play diverse roles ranging from polishing the floor for optimal performance of players to the door-to-door advertisement of the event.

Volunteering for these events is my passion since it helps me to meet the star players of different games. Moreover, it helps me network with managers and team members of various clubs. I wish to gain extensive experience in sports and hope to work in a sports team someday.

Looking forward to your response,


148 words.

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