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IELTS/ PTE Essay Correction: Marriageable Age.

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Some people feel that the age at which people can marry should be at least 25.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

IELTS: 40 minutes, 250 words at least.

PTE: 20 minutes, 200 to 300 words.

While some people endorse the view that people should marry at the early ages, I personally hold the view believe (don’t repeat words: view) that the minimum marriage age is should be (if it is a view or belief, use should be) 25. I strongly believe that getting married at least 25 (repetition of the previous sentence) This benefits people in 3 obvious ways. (The introduction is not too strong. But I like it. Plain and simple.)

First and foremost, you have enough time to focus on your goals and career. Whereas, when you get married, you will (general facts are presented in Simple Present Tense) not donot have much enough time to get busy with devote to your career or implement achieve your aims. In that time you will already have your own life, family and children. Thus, by getting married later you buy time to become an established person who has already (word repetition already) a permanent job and a career.

Furthermore, at the age 25 people will already (Okay! Too much already. I guess you love this word. :)) have mature bodies and they will be are completely ready to give birth to a healthy offspring. Moreover, they will be mature with not only their bodies, but also with their mentality and attitude. Therefore, they learn to be responsible for their every step and to make right decisions. To illustrate the point, boys are getting mature very slowly and an age 25 is the perfect time when they are 100% a hundred percent mature.

Last, but not least; people will donot have any dependency from on their parents anymore. They will be are accomplished people and will earn their own money. Thus, they will be financially ready for forming a new family and keeping it. For instance, my brother got married at 28 and now he has no dependency form his parents; he does everything by his own efforts and finance.

To put it briefly In conclusion, although this is such an arguable question and every person has her personal opinion about this, it is my firm belief that getting married late is more beneficial than at early ages. (This is not a conclusion. A conclusion must be different from an introduction.)

288 words. Overall I like your essay. Well done! Bands = 6.5. You can easily jump to 7.0 after minor modifications. Good Luck!

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