IELTS July 2017, January 2018 Cue Card: An Interesting House or Apartment.


Image Courtesy: Pexels

Talk about an interesting house or apartment you have visited. Please say

– Where is it?
– What does it look like? What is interesting about it?
– When and why did you visit it?

A similar question is:

Describe your perfect home (a house or an apartment) that you would like to have in the future. Please say:

– When you would like to have it
– Where it would be located
– What it would look like


Housing seems to be a preferred topic in IELTS. Here are similar questions:

G.T. Writing Task 1: Recently moved to a different house.

G.T. Writing Task 1: Home renovation.

Last week I visited a friend who works as an architect in New Delhi. I was deeply impressed with his impressive house (collocation). (Introductory statement, when and where.)

It is a small house built over an area of about 2000 square feet only. However (cohesion), the design and idea are really impressive (collocation). The house is environmentally sustainable (collocation) with rain-water harvesting systems to use rain water and use of special materials (collocation) to reflect back sun’s heat to drastically reduce (collocation) the need for air-conditioning. Moreover (cohesion), he has installed solar power systems to cut reliance on external, fossil-fuel based electricity. Overall (cohesion), the ecological footprint (collocation) of the house is really low. (Look like and Why interesting)

I’m working on a sustainable development project. He had told me about his initiatives and love for sustainability. Consequently (cohesion), I visited his house to collect data for my project. (Why you visited.)

Follow-up questions.

– What are the common types of houses in your city? 
– Why do you think they are so popular?
– What other types of accommodation are there?
– Why do people prefer that?
– Are there any authentic houses in your city?
– Do people prefer living in the city area or countryside nowadays?
– Why is it so?
– What is the best part of living in the countryside?
– Do you think people are wasting too much energy?
– What can be a solution to preserve energy sources?

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