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IELTS Essay Correction: Laws Regulating Media Content.

Law and behavior IELTS PTE

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In almost every country there are laws regulating the content of films, videos, books, and newspapers. Should media be controlled in this way? what are the benefits and risks of censorship?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.

In this globalization period, it has been is (tense usage: Prefer Simple Present.) easier to transfer news and information in every corner of the world. In most of the nations (Article mistake) different laws, regulatory bodies are controlling the medias media (plural of medium is media) to publish and release the contents infront of public before they make the content public. This essay first discuss about discusses the benefits of censorship and then deals with the risk (article mistake) that may appear without censorship.

The main benefit of censorship is that it can stop violence. Many movies and TV series promote violence, betrayal, deception, materialism, and consumerism which directly effect on publish affects public behavior. So, censorship helps to maintain peace and harmony among citizens after deleting such objectionable clips from videos or restricting such sensitive information before being published. Similarly, media are a (Article mistake) helpline for victims and it can easily access to public has easy access to the public. so Consequently (so used frequently) if it is controlled, then the news become more accurate and trustful. For instance, a recent research shows that about 60 percent of crimes has have been reduced in Mozambique after the establishment of censorship in media.

The risk in the absence of censorship is it can cross the limit for finding reality and can hurt the privacy of other people. Many Much (media is an uncountable noun. Prefer MUCH over many.) news medias media and artists want to interfere in the private life of people by publishing their unwanted news. Consequently, it distracts  disturbs the peace. For example: a recent research represents that about 20 percent of news and programs released in India are out of censorship, due to the lack of proper attention by authorized bodies. Out of censorship is not a drawback. Please write drawback of lack of censorship. The example is not strong enough.

In conclusion, censorship plays a vital role to minimize the violence and maintain peace and harmony among citizens. Similarly, it controls to cross the limit to interfere the private life and only release the viable news and moves in front of public. So every citizen’s prospect is to live in a peace peaceful environment. (Conclusion is not strong. Please go through my essays under Writing Task 2 to improve.)

288 words.

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