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IELTS Essay Corrections: Families Move Overseas for Job Opportunities.

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Nowadays, many families move overseas for job opportunities. Some people think this is beneficial for the children of these families, while others think children will find it difficult. Discuss both views and give your own opinions.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


In this area of globalization, a large number of families are migrating abroad for better career prospects. Some people believe that this trend has so many several advantages for children of these families while other disagree. In my opinion migration to other another country is dominantly extremely beneficial.

Those, who are in the favor of shifting to other countries, believe that this not only pacifies materialistic needs but also provides a better quality of life. Researchers have shown that several skilled employees from developing countries, who did not get a simple job in their own country, are doing well-paid jobs in behemoths like Google in abroad and earning billion of dollars (this is too too much. :)). (Can’t see CHILDREN in this paragraph. Lost Context.)

Moreover, in western countries the standard of education is high. Children not only will (tenses. keep it Simple Present.) gain practical but practical knowledge as well. Two wheeler Strait of study ???? done by Forbes magazine (Passive Voice) claimed that children who study abroad have more knowledge about practical work as compare to the students who study in developing countries.

Those, who are against migration to other nations, believe that it is extremely expensive to settle in other countries as people have to start from zero. They have to buy everything new, such as a house and a car, in the other country (such as modifies the word it is linked to. In your sentence it gives examples of country and not everything new) such as house, car and many more. Moreover, children will have no knowledge about culture and tradition of their own country. (No context with the question. Please re-read the question statement.)

In conclusion expecting perfect in an imperfect world is far from being wise, welcoming it’s its (its vs it’s) positive aspect would be a good thing. Shifting to developed countries is the phase of change and accepting it by reducing its negative effects would be what sensible minds can do. (Conclusion’s context with the essay is not strong: Beneficial or Difficult for children? Please keep it plain and simple. This will fetch you bands.)

261 words. Bands = 6.0

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  1. To get secure jobs and career many people are migrating to another countries with their families.This is affecting the children both in positive and negative way. In the subsequent paragraphs, I will confer both the views along with my perspective.

    To commence with, the most paramount benefit to the children, who move with their parents to overseas is that it help them to become flexible in initial stage of their life. Moreover, it assist them to broaden the horizon of children as they learn new language , culture , traditions and make new friends. Apparently, children become independent and responsible in abroad very easily because the culture of abroad let them to do thinks by themselves.

    On the flip side, moving abroad having negative effects on children also as, parents moved their to earn money and have less time to spend with their children, which can affect their cognitive ability. They can become prey of bad company and could also ruined their future.

    To conclude, I believe that moving abroad for earning more money and for job stability is having positive impact on children as parents are able them to provide quality of life with all the required amenities with were not possible while their stay at their own country. This not only secure the future of parents but also of their toddlers as the frame their career in developed country.


  2. There is an ever increasing migration of families from one nation to the other for employment opportunities, whilst it is considered by some as detrimental to the children of such families, others think of it as beneficial. In my opinion, I believe it is helpful for the children if it is a developed country, and detrimental for them it is an underdeveloped country. Nevertheless, both sides of these argument will be discussed.

    On the one hand, children of families that migrate to another country suffer as they have to drop their culture and native language so as to learn that of the new country. This learning process is usually cumbersome and if not learnt affects their smooth adaption and communication. For example, the Star Times reported that 85% of parents who migrated into the US do not prepare their children to learn English language and this had a negative impact on their academic performance.

    On the other hand, it is believed by some people that children of parents who migrate to another country for work benefit from it. Firstly, it gives the children the opportunity to interact with children of the new nation, and this enhances their social interaction skill. Also, they are better able to explore further opportunities that they may not have been able to find in their home country.

    Overall, children of families that migrate to developed countries with their parents are exposed to more opportunities like advanced education which enhances their career, while children of parents that migrate to underdeveloped countries suffer because of the hard economic conditions, and new culture and language they have to learn.

    In conclusion, parents should prepare their children along with themselves whenever the decision to migrate is made as this would ensure the children’s smooth adaption which would be helpful to them.


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