IELTS Essay Task 2: English More Important Than Local Languages.

English Language IELTS PTE

Learning English at school is often seen more important than learning local languages. If these are not taught many are at risk of dying out. In your opinion is it important to learn English? Should we try to ensure the survival of local languages, if so how?

40 Minutes, 250 words.


Introduction(Introduce the topic and state your OPINION. MENTION the reasons supporting your opinion. EXPLAIN these in the body paragraph)

The English language has dominated the global business and intercultural interaction for more than two centuries, and it threatens to eliminate several local languages. I strongly believe that while students need to learn English, the survival of regional languages is equally important. Vernacular languages help people maintain their separate identity while respecting the history which shaped their present circumstances.

Body Paragraph 1: (Importance of English)

The English language has acted as a catalyst in promoting globalization. For inter-country trade, many countries need a shared language of interaction, and English has created a common platform for everyone. In the absence of this language, global business would have been negligible as compared to what it is today. Moreover, this language has integrated several regions into a country by promoting intercultural exchange. For instance, in pre-independence India, this language promoted interaction among people with different mother tongues to unite against the Britsh rule. 

Body Paragraph 2: (Local Languages)

However, local languages have their own unique place in a society. These languages help people maintain a separate identity. Language is the foundation of a culture and, in the absence of vernaculars, many cultures will disappear forever. People love songs, stories, books written in their own culture. In fact, many vernacular terms and words cannot be pronounced in the English language. 

Also, local languages create a strong link with the history of a region. For example, Sikhs in India has close ties with the Punjabi language and Jews in Israel use Hebrew. Religious texts of the Sikhs and the Jews are in Punjabi and Hebrew respectively. In absence of a local language, these religions will lose their history and separate identity since future generations will be unable to read Guru Granth and Torah.

Conclusion: (Conclude the essay with HOW)

In conclusion, though English is necessary for global business and interaction, local languages cannot be neglected. Individuals, as well as governments, need to make concerted efforts to ensure their survival by teaching them compulsorily in the schools, making them state or regional languages, conducting local business in a local language, and promoting their use in all religious institutions.

335 words.

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  1. In question it is mentioned that English learning important in school, but in your model eassy nowhere it is mentioned that why it is important to teach in school. Isn’t it required to mention about school too ??


    • The statement “Learning English at school is often seen more important than learning local languages. If these are not taught many are at risk of dying out.” is used as a base to raise the question “In your opinion is it important to learn English?” We have to answer the question in the context of other languages. It is clear that the language is learned in school (mention of students).


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