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IELTS Task 1 G.T Correction: Letter to a Team Member About a Match.

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You play a team sport with some friends. Last week a member of the team had an accident and wasn’t able to play with you at the weekend. You decide to write to him in the hospital, telling him about the match. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter,

tell him which team won
describe the conditions on the day
say how you felt about the match

20 minutes, 150 words at least.


I was am (You still are. Right? Simple Present.) so sorry for about your accident that you had last week. I hope you are doing well today, and I wish you a speedy recovery for your return to the pitch. NOTE: When something didn’t occur because of YOU, always use “sorry about”.

I am a delight delighted to inform you that our team won the match against our rivalry team Banadir FC. We beat them 3-0 score. It was a (article usage) very interesting game for both sides and pitch the stadium was fully crowded also with the fans played a key role the match there . The fans were very extremely (Avoid word repetitions – very) happy and supporting supported (tense mistake) us the until finished 90 minute. I truly enjoyed last week’s game. It was fun for us as we beat them our biggest rivalry team after a long time (This sentence is badly structured.).

As you know we are in the middle of the winter and the condition was very pleased pleasant and you can see the snow all over the stadium. It was a very nice condition for us to play such as like this pitch (This sentence is badly structured.) Conditions not explained well. Conditions include weather, pitch/ ground, star players, injuries, scores by mid-time, etc.

As you may guess when you beat your opponent is always a very special and you feel proud and excited about the fans.

I wish you good recovery very soon. a fast recovery

best wishes, (You’ve already made WISHES)
Ayanle Ali.

181 words. Bands = 6.0

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