Organising Your Statement of Purpose.

Power of Words

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Writing an ideal statement of purpose (college personal statement), either for an educational institution or a visa officer, is not an easy task. Since the college admission committee and the visa officer judge you (they have biases that I’ll discuss below) on the basis of this statement, you must create a document that is really powerful and communicates your objectives clearly.

This statement must be organized using the following elements.

  1. Your background.
  2. Educational and professional experience.
  3. Short, medium, and long-term goals.
  4. How will the intended education help you accomplish your goals?
  5. Any specialties you have.

Please understand that the admission committee and visa officers are trained to judge you using FACTS in the application. Most students tend to write absurd goals such as, I want to become a business tycoon. If you write this, your application will stand rejected. The selectors have the following biases:

  1. The applicant who writes well (English language) is more serious and honest than others. (Remember you’re competing with a pool of other students.)
  2. The facts you’ve written in the statement are true.
  3. Writing well signifies that the student is a good communicator and will succeed at school.

You can either smartly exploit these biases or choose to remain ignorant and reduce your chances of success.

How can we help?

We help you write a powerful statement of purpose by holding brainstorming sessions to collect most relevant facts. We organize these facts in a perfect English so that the reader has an impression that you are an excellent communicator. (Well, working with us indeed makes you a good communicator)

Writing a personal statement requires more than 7 sessions (about 10 to 15 days). We conduct the first two sessions free of cost, and if you do not like our service, you can simply decide not to continue with the service. No questions raised. No payment involved.

Please contact us to start the process of writing your personal statement.

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