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PTE Answer Correction: Company Should Concentrate on Sales or Reputation.

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A company should concentrate on sales or reputations as long term strategies in the market. Discuss

PTE: 20 minutes, 200 to 300 words.


Whenever a businessman starts a business, several things should be focused. The reputation and sales are some of it. There are two phases to pass by any company; Every company goes through two crucial phases: startup and establishment. When a company needs a long term domination in the market, factors such as customer support, good name, its reputation are essential. This essay will describe some reason why reputation is more important than sales. (The question is not that reputation is more than sales. The question is reputation or sales are more important than other things. Please read the question statement carefully.) (Right construction: more X than Y

(You need to improve your introduction’s structure.)

Reputation invites public attention to a company. A good reputation can achieve be achieved by producing manufacturing (Word repetition: producing is a derivative of product) good quality products and should meet meeting consumer’s need (You’ve violated the rules of parallelism). Nowadays, people check the review of most product through online sites. Negative feedback may increase the sale of a (Article Mistake) competitor’s product.

Trust established among the public will increase a company’s reputation automatically. For example, Patanjali is an Indian company which produces a medium quality material earlier produced average quality goods at a low price for a low price in the beginning of the company. But However, the public not consumers were not satisfied with them (Wrong pronoun usage) the quality and then they the company (Wrong pronoun usage) changed their production strategy which gives manufactures high-quality products. Now it has a good reputation in Indian economy. (Wrong usage of which. Which modifies the word it is attached to. You sentence: Production strategy manufactures high-quality products. Wrong Usage)

Thus, reputation assists to achieve sales and profit.

In conclusion, the main focus of any starting company to maintain a long-term reputation. A good marketing strategy and proper planning will help to achieve it. (Conclusion is poorly structured.)

Score: 48 to 53 PTE (5.5 to 6 IELTS). You need to learn how to structure an essay.

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