Improve Vocabulary (23 August 2017): The Barcelona Attack.

Barcelona city IELTS PTE.jpg

A view of Barcelona City. Image courtesy: Pixabay

The following paragraphs have been derived from various news items of the BBC. 

A group of 12 jihadists has been blamed for a series of attacks in and around the Spanish city of Barcelona, killing 15 people.

Recently, a group of jihadists mowed down people on the Las Ramblas boulevard under a van and drove a car into pedestrians in the resort of Cambrils.

Mow down: To kill one or more people suddenly in a violent way. Several people were mowed down by the machine gun. 

Boulevard: A broad street lined with trees.

Pedestrian: The one who walks on foot.

At around 4:50 pm on August 17, when the Las Ramblas was packed with tourists and local residents, a white van careered down and the driver zigzagged with the purpose of targeting as many people as possible. Many were knocked to the ground while others fled for cover in nearby shops and cafes. The driver then fled the scene and police started combing the area for the attacker.

Packed: Crowded to maximum capacity. The disco was packed with young boys and girls.

Career (verb: Careered): To move swiftly in an uncontrolled way.

Knock down: (Same as mow down) To strike someone hard.

Flee (past form: fled): To run away from a danger.

Comb (verb: Combing): To search thoroughly.

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