IELTS Task 2, PTE Essay: Computers Replacing People

computer IELTS PTE

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As the world becomes technologically advanced, computers are replacing people at more and more jobs. What are some job positions that may be lost because of computers? What are some problems that may result from this situation? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

40 minutes, 250 words at least


Three students’ essays (with corrections) on this topic: Answer 1; Answer 2; Answer 3.

Introduction: (Introduce the topic. MENTION jobs lost and resulting problems. EXPLAIN in the body paragraphs.)

Technological advancements change the way people work and this leads to the decline of existing jobs and emergence of new jobs. The advent of computers has led to the elimination of several jobs ranging from bank clerks and cashiers to assembly-line workers.   Workers often face the problem in learning new skills, and this leads to unequal distribution of wealth.

Body Paragraph 1: (EXPLAIN the jobs lost)

Automation of activities is beneficial in increasing productivity. However, this is done at the expense of existing workforce. Assembly-line automation using computers in automobile manufacturing, for instance, has eliminated millions of assembly-line workers’ jobs across the world. Similarly, the computers are eliminating the need for teachers to check exams. Computer-based smart classes and artificial intelligence based learning systems have already left many school and university teachers jobless.

Body Paragraph 2: (EXPLAIN the problems)

Clearly, this is causing several problems. The existing workers are trained for their jobs and when computers eliminate the need for these jobs, the workers go jobless and the survival of entire families is at stake. Moreover, the use of computers leads to concentration of wealth in the hands of a few. While workers are left jobless and have little money to support their families, computers increase productivity and profits of large corporate houses. This makes a society economically and socially unstable. 

Conclusion: (Conclude the essay with FUTURE and IMPACT)

In conclusion, if computer-based automation is widely implemented it will lead to more elimination of jobs causing social and economic disintegration, and class conflicts. While the march of civilization in the form of improvements cannot be stopped, the government must regulate the process to ensure that more jobs are created than destroyed during this process.

263 words.

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